82. CHRISTOPHER HALLIDAY was born at Penlaw in Dumfriesshire in 1732 according to his gravestone. He was married to JEAN MOFFAT on 2nd August, 1760. His gravestone, in the old Sibbaldbie churchyard, indicates that he had a sister named MARY 1733-1793. His daughter Helen (1766-1845) is buried there and also Janet Moffat(?) 1781-1799, described as James's wife.

CHRISTOPHER HALLIDAY and JEAN MOFFAT had the following children:

child+83 i.
JOHN HALLIDAY was born in Hutton & Corrie, Dumfriesshire in 1762.
child+84 ii. WILLIAM HALLIDAY was born in Hutton & Corrie in 1764.
child+85 iii. HELEN HALLIDAYwas born in Hutton & Corrie in 1766 and died in Boreland, H & C, in 1845.
child+1 iv. JAMES HALLIDAY.

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