Forest Designs

Candle holder


At Forest Designs, we create one-of-a-kind products predominantly for sale as thoughtful or significant gifts. They are especially applicable for collectors of unique and unusual natural wood items.

Despite the labour intensive nature of their production, we strive to sell our products at accessible prices. Sales, therefore, are final - our slim profit margins do not extend to processing refunds and returns.

Since canes and staffs are unique items in terms of use, Forest Designs declines responsiblility for adjusting the length, originally imposed by the natural character of the wood. This can be more appropriately achieved by the person using the item. Rubber tips or spikes may also be conveniently installed at the same time.

The nature of the products makes it difficult to standardize the cost of shipping them to points beyond Canada. Therefore, online purchase is set up to include shipping within Canada only. However, we are quite happy to arrange continental or international shipping for any prospective purchaser. Please contact us. For the same reasons as explained in paragraph 2 above, we can NOT ship them C.O.D. and payment must be made via PayPal prior to the despatching of the shipment.

If you have questions, please contact us. We will respond as quickly as possible.