3. REBECCA BISCOE was born in 1851 in Much Hadham and died in 1924.

REBECCA BISCOE had the following child:

child21 i. GEORGINA BISCOE was born on 1 Feb 1871 in Much Hadham, Hertfordshire.

She was married to FREDERICK WALLING in 1872. FREDERICK WALLING was born in about 1848 in Much Hadham.

REBECCA BISCOE and FREDERICK WALLING had the following children:

child10 i. MARY WALLING was born in 1872 in Much Hadham, Hertfordshire.
child11 ii. ALICE WALLING was born in 1875 in Much Hadham.
child+12 iii. FREDERICK WALLING.
child+14 v. JOHN WALLING.
child15 vi. KATHERINE WALLING was born in 1883 in Much Hadham.
child16 vii. EMMA WALLING was born in 1885 in Much Hadham.
child+17 viii. BEATRICE WALLING.
child+18 ix. AGNES M. WALLING.
child+19 x. MAUD WALLING.
child20 xi. GEORGE WALLING was in about 1895 in Much Hadham.

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