8. JAMES BISCOE was born on Apr 8 1890 in Much Hadham, Hertfordshire and died in 1979.

He was married to JULIA CLARK in 1911 in Much Hadham. JULIA CLARK was born in 1890 and died in 1982.

JAMES BISCOE and JULIA CLARK had the following children:

child101 i. JULIA K. BISCOE was born 1912 in Much Hadham.
child102 ii. GEORGINA F.R. BISCOE.
child113 iii. JAMES G.W. BISCOE was born in 1916 in Much Hadham and died in 1936 in Hertford.
child103 iv. DEREK A. BISCOE was born in 1920 in Much Hadham.
child114 v. MARY BISCOE was born in 1920 in Much Hadham.
child115 vi. RONALD G. BISCOE was born in 1926 in Much Hadham.
child116 vii. PHYLLIS BISCOE was born in 1929 in Much Hadham.

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