9. WALTER JARDINE was born in 1785 in Norwood St. Mungo, Dumfriesshire and died on 22 Apr 1863 in Langhill, St. Mungo. He was a Joiner.

He was married to JEAN MURRAY in 1809 in Norwood St. Mungo. JEAN MURRAY was born in 1788 in Cummertrees.

WALTER JARDINE and JEAN MURRAY had the following children:

child+30 i. JAMES JARDINE.
child+31 ii. DAVID JARDINE.
child32 iii. WILLIAM JARDINE was born on 30 Oct 1814 in Norwood, St. Mungo, Dumfriesshire. He was a Farm Worker.
child+33 iv. WALTER JARDINE.
child34 v. AGNES JARDINE was born on 19 Sep 1819 in Norwood, St. Mungo.
child35 vi. MARY JARDINE was born about 1821.
child36 vii. JOHN JARDINE was born in 1822 in St. Mungo and died in 1906.
child37 viii. CATHERINE JARDINE was born about 1823.

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