5. WILLIAM JARDINE was born about 1735.

He was married to GRIZEL JARDINE.

WILLIAM JARDINE and GRIZEL JARDINE had the following children:

child16 i. NANSE JARDINE was born in 1759 in Dryfesdale, Dumfriesshire.
child17 ii. ANDREW JARDINE was born on 10 Mar 1762 in Dryfesdale.
child18 iii. MARY JARDINE was born on 24 May 1764 in Dryfesdale.
child19 iv. ALEXANDER JARDINE was born on 27 Dec 1767 in Dryfesdale. He was a Stocking Weaver in 1808 in Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire.
child20 v. JANET JARDINE was born on 4 Aug 1771 in Dryfesdale.

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