318. JOHN JARDINE was born 14 May 1849 and died in 1919. He was married to JANE BEARS.

JOHN JARDINE and JANE BEARS had the following children:

child381 i. ANN ELIZABETH JARDINE was born 23 Nov 1870 in Searletown, Prince Edward Island.
child382 ii. LOUISA JANE JARDINE was born 2 Jan 1872 in Searletown.
child383 iii. SARAH JARDINE was born 13 Jan 1874 in Brooklyn, Prince Edward Island.
child384 vi. WILLIAM JARDINE was born 6 Mar 1876 in Brooklyn.
child385 v. JOHN JARDINE was born and died in 1878 in Brooklyn.
child386 vi. ISAAC JARDINEwas born and died in 1878 in Brooklyn.
child387 vii. THOMAS JARDINE was born 18 Sep 1880 in Brooklyn.
child388 viii. JAMES EVANS JARDINE was born 28 Oct 1883 in Brooklyn.

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