319. CHRISTOPHER JARDINE was born 2 Jul 1851 and died in 22 Dec 1931 in Freetown, Prince Edward Island. He was married to ANNIE CLOW about 1875.

CHRISTOPHER JARDINE and ANNIE CLOW had the following child:

child389 i. ANN JARDINE.

He was married to ABIGAIL BEARS about 1876.

CHRISTOPHER JARDINE and ABIGAIL BEARS had the following children:

child390 i. HANNA MELINDA JARDINE was born 29 Jul 1878 in Belle Creek, Prince Edward Island.
child391 ii. ISAAC JARDINE was born 1 Aug 1879 in Grand River, Prince Edward Island.
child+392 iii. CAROLINE JARDINE was born 18 Sep 1881 in Brooklyn, Prince Edward Island and died 9 Jun 1979.
child+393 iv. BENJAMIN JARDINE was born 2 Jul 1882 in Brooklyn.
child+394 v. JAMES JARDINE was born 28 Jul 1883 in Brooklyn and died 2 Jul 1956.
child+395 vi. MARY ELIZABETH JARDINE was born 12 Apr 1885 in Brooklyn and died 18 Deb 1966.
child+396 vii. JOHN JARDINE was born 8 Jun 1887 in Brooklyn and died 4 May 1977 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

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