47. ANDREW JARDINE was born on 20 Mar 1791 in Croftheads, Dryfesdale, Dumfriesshire. He died on 10 Jul 1867. He was a Joiner.

He married MARY IRVING. MARY IRVING was born in 1803 in Tundergarth. She died in 1874.

ANDREW JARDINE and MARY IRVING had the following children:

child89 i. JOSEPH JARDINE.
child90 ii. JANET JARDINE was born on 13 Sep 1838 in Hutton & Corrie.
child91 iii. WILLIAM JARDINE.
child92 iv. JEAN JARDINE was born on 20 Mar 1842 in Hutton & Corrie.
child93 v. JOHN JARDINE.

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