Some spots from effective radio campaigns...


Advertising and promotion to raise awareness of the Nordica brand name, during the early 1990s, was followed by a communications strategy developed to extend the market for the product.

From 1992 - Fun in the Sun Promotion

From 1998 - What Would You Do?



During 1997, several pools of radio commercials for Atto Insurance, targeting mature audiences, were built around the tagline It's okay to be fifty, today!  In 1998, a campaign was developed to create awareness of Atto among baby boomers as they became eligible for car insurance discounts.

From 1997 - The Winners' Circle.

From 1998 - The Medium is the Message.


Lacteeze radio advertising campaigns communicate with older adults in the market for lactose-reduced milk.

From 1994 - A Nice Glass of Milk Again.

From 1998 - Tastes Just Great.


A number of commercials, during the early 1990s, featured characters created to build brand awareness of McKinnon Heating and Cooling, extending the geographic market for its products and develop sales leads.

From 1992 - Frostophobia.

From 1993 - Cloak and Dagger


Radio campaigns for Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Limited were developed to extend from and support concurrently airing television campaigns.

From 1987 - Gourmet Cook.

From 1994 - Doubly Delectable


Radio commercials created awareness of two well-established restaurants as highly desirable and convenient locations for both business-related lunching and dining and family celebrations.

From 1993 - Topiary's and La Castile

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