24. HILDA ELIZABETH BISCOE was born on 16 August 1911 in Plaistow, London. and died in December 1993 in Haywards Heath, Sussex.

She was married to GEORGE HENRY DRAPER on 11 January 1936 in Brighton, Sussex. GEORGE HENRY DRAPER was born on 29 July 1905 in Homerton (Hackney), London. He died on 9 December 1960.

HILDA ELIZABETH BISCOE and GEORGE HENRY DRAPER had the following children:

child+33 i. LIONEL DRAPER.
child34 ii. HELEN DRAPER was born in 1939 in Haywards Heath. She died about 1940.
child+35 iii. GRAHAM DRAPER was born in 1940 in Haywards Heath. He died in 1997 in Haywards Heath.

She was married to JOSEPH TYRRELL about 1962. JOSEPH TYRRELL died about 1970.

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