2. JAMES CONNOR was born in 1810 in ARMAGH. He died in 1889 in ARMAGH.

He was married to FRANCES DONNELLY. FRANCES DONNELLY was born in ARMAGH. She died in ARMAGH. JAMES CONNOR and FRANCES DONNELLY had the following children:

child +8 i. THOMAS CONNOR.
child +11 iv. ANN CONNOR.
child 9 ii. WARREN CONNOR was born in 1841. He died in 1852.
child +12 v. MARY JANE CONNOR.
child +13 vi. MARIA CONNOR.
child +14 vii. MARTHA MAY CONNOR.
child +15 viii. RACHEL CONNOR.
child 16 ix. SUSAN CONNOR was born in 1856.
child +10 iii. WARREN CONNOR.

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