4. WILLIAM BLACKABY was born on 13 Oct 1704 in Braughing, Hertfordshire and died on 8 Sep 1764.

He was married to ALICE WRIGHT on 5 Oct 1729 in Braughing. ALICE WRIGHT was born about 1700 in Hertfordshire and died on 30 Jul 1763 in Braughing.

WILLIAM BLACKABY and ALICE WRIGHT had the following children:

child10 i. ELIZABETH BLACKABY was born on 1 Jul 1730 in Braughing, Hertfordshire.
child+11 ii. WILLIAM BLACKABY.
child12 iii. SARAH BLACKABY was born on 8 Nov 1735 in Braughing.
child+13 iv. MARY BLACKABY.
child14 v. THOMAS BLACKABY was born on 12 Sep 1740 in Braughing.
child+15 vi. JOSEPH BLACKABY.
child16 vii. JOHN BLACKABY.

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