71. ELIZABETH ANN KINCHIN was born in 1825 in St. George in the East, Middlesex.

She was married to WILLIAM CLARKE on 14 Dec 1851 in St. George in the East.

ELIZABETH ANN KINCHIN and WILLIAM CLARKE had the following children:

child194 i. WILLIAM FREDERICK CLARKE was born in 1852 in Wapping, Middlesex.
child195 ii. EDWARD CLARKE was born in 1855 in Stepney.
child196 iii. ELIZABETH ANN CLARKE was born 18 Feb 1857 in Stepney.
child197 iv. ADA FLORENCE CLARKE was born 22 Dec 1862 in Stepney.
child198 v. CLARA AGNES CLARKE was born 31 Jan 1865 in Stepney.

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