163. ELIZA JANE READER was born in 1859 in St. George in the East, Middlesex and died in 1896.

She was married to EDWARD JOHN BAKER in about 1879. EDWARD JOHN BAKER was born about 1859 in Plumstead, Kent.

ELIZA JANE READER and EDWARD JOHN BAKER had the following children:

child371 i. EDWARD THOMAS J. BAKER was born in 1879 in Ratcliffe, Middlesex.
child372 ii. ELIZA BAKER was born in 1882 in St. George in the East.
child373 iii. ELIZABETH BAKER was born in 1884 in St. George in the East.
child374 iv. HANNAH BAKER was born in 1885 in Ratcliffe.
child375 v. JOSEPH BAKER was born in 1890 in St. George in the East.
child376 vi. HENRY BAKER was born in 1891 in Stepney.
child377 vii. LOUISA BAKER was born in 1895 in Stepney.

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