62. JOSEPH KINCHIN was born 14 Feb 1832 in St. George in the East and died in 1889.

He was married to HENRIETTA EVANS in 1854 in Bethnal Green. HENRIETTA EVANS was born in 1835 and died in 1866.

JOSEPH KINCHIN and HENRIETTA EVANS had the following children:

child167 i. HENRIETTA KINCHIN was born 1855 in St. George in the East, Middlesex and died in 1866.
child168 ii. JANE MATILDA KINCHIN was born 1859 in Stepney and died in 1866.
child+169 iii. FRANCES KINCHIN.
child+170 iv. MARY ANN KINCHIN.

He was married to SARAH LAWSON in 1867 in Bethnal Green.

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