153. LYDIA RUTH WILLIAMS was born in 1850 in St. George in the East, Middlesex. She died in 1932 in West Ham, Essex.

She was married to ROBERT JAMES WYLIE in 1875 in Stepney, Middlesex. ROBERT JAMES WYLIE was born about 1850 in Woolwich, Kent.

LYDIA RUTH WILLIAMS and ROBERT JAMES WYLIE had the following children:

child336 i. HERBERT JAMES WYLIE was born in 1876 in Bromley, Middlesex.
child337 ii. ELEANOR LYDIA WYLIE was born in 1878 in Bromley, Middlesex.
child338 iii. SYDNEY ROBERT WYLIE was born in 1879 in Bromley, Middlesex.

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