14. JONATHAN KINCHIN was born about 21 January 1795 in Ratcliff, Middlesex and died in 1861 in Stepney.

He was married to ELIZABETH MARY FOWLS (daughter of THOMAS FOWLS and ELIZABETH) on 30 Nov 1817 in St. Leonard's, Shoreditch. ELIZABETH MARY FOWLS was born on 25 Feb 1799 in St. Leonard's, Shoreditch and died in 1879 in Stepney.

JONATHAN KINCHIN and ELIZABETH MARY FOWLS had the following children:

child41 i. MARY ANN KINCHIN was born on 4 May 1815 in St. George in the East, Middlesex and died in 1818.
child43 iii. SUSAN KINCHIN was born in 1820 in Finsbury, London and died in 1821.
child44 iv. THOMAS KINCHIN was born about 1822.
child+45 v. MARY EMMA KINCHIN.
child+46 vi. WILLIAM KINCHIN.
child47 vii. JOSEPH KINCHIN was born about 1829.
child48 viii. ELIZABETH SARAH KINCHIN was born in 1834 and died in 1834.
child+49 ix. HENRY KINCHIN.
child50 x. SARAH KINCHIN was born about 1839.

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