106. MATILDA SUSAN KINCHIN was born on 15 Feb 1872 in Ratcliffe, Middlesex and died in 1940 in Wandsworth, London.

She was married to WILLIAM HENRY BERGER (son of DAVID BERGER and IDA PETERS) in 1893 in Stepney. WILLIAM HENRY BERGER was born on 28 Nov 1850 in Schwerin, Mecklenberg and died in 1926 in Mile End, London.

MATILDA SUSAN KINCHIN and WILLIAM HENRY BERGER had the following children:

child253 i. IDA BERGER was born in 1894 in Mile End, London and died in 1894.
child254 ii. WILLIAM HENRY BERGER was born in Jun 1895 in Mile End.
child+255 iii. WERNER EDWARD BERGER.
child256 iv. HENRY ALBERT BERGER was born in 1901 in Mile End.
child257 v. HILDA MATILDA BERGER was born in 1907 in Mile End.
child258 vi. GEORGE BERGER was born in 1911 in Mile End and died in 1911.
child+259 vii. DORIS MAUD BERGER.

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